Information for Prospective Residents

The Westmoreland Cooperative contains 60 individually owned units. Check local real estate listings to determine if any units are currently available for sale.

The building contains no rental units, although units are occassionally made available for rent by individual owners per policies set in the Westmoreland's bylaws. The vast majority of units are owner occupied.

Co-operative ownership has many benefits over condominium ownership including tax benefits and lower closing/settlement costs. There are other benefits as well. The Edmund J. Flynn Company provides a good overview of the benefits of co-operative ownership and other frequently asked questions.

Helpful Documents*

List of Lenders with which the Westmoreland has a recognition agreement. (Provided by the Edmund J. Flynn Co.  Posted January 11, 2010.  Contact your realtor to ensure the current status of any lender listed in this document.)

*These documents are intended to be helpful to persons considering the purchase of a unit at the Westmoreland.  However, the Westmoreland assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.  Contact your realtor or the Westmoreland directly to ensure accurate and up-to-date information.